stone cladding fireplace designs

Decorating Ideas of Stone Fireplace Surround

Stone fireplace surround depicts natural atmosphere to the room area where it belongs to perfectly. The elegant textures come from the stones picture elegant ambience too at the same time. Plenty kinds of stones are available and you can pick the most alluring one. Those stones are fieldstones, river stones, garden stones, granite, and many more. Beside are having natural textures, the earthy colors of the stones make the room […]

stone fireplace mantel

Natural Ambience Created by Stone Fireplaces

Stone fireplaces could be installed in both modern and traditional house. This stone fireplace design can be able to designed as minimalist as simple to perfect the unassuming room décor. Conversely, it is able to transform as stunning natural fireplace design because it is created majestically with unconventional fire kit design. And because it is made of natural materials, the fireplace can depict earthy sensation to the room. The fireplace […]

fireplace mantels pictures

Things to Decorate Stone Fireplace Mantels

Stone fireplace mantels perfect the stone fireplace design. Anyhow, that is common and many people know that. Now, what if we try to make the other fireplace design using stone fireplace mantel decoration? Well, frankly speaking stone mantel for fireplace can be used to balance concrete and marble fireplace. This mixture makes the room décor highly sophisticated so the room will become more decorative. Not to mention, many people want […]

fireplace decorative screens

Glass Fireplace Screen Styles for Modern Fireplace Designs

Glass fireplace screen is designed as fire resistant so it won’t be burnt. Then, it is made in plasma screen design so the fire inside the firebox can be seen clearly. Furthermore, the glass fireplace screen designs are made in some measurements from the small to the huge sizes. In term of this, you can opt for the glass screen dimension you need to install in your fireplace. Not only […]

stacked stone fireplace ideas

Home Interior Inspiration of Fireplace Glass Rocks

Fireplace glass rocks have unconventional combination because it mixes futuristic and natural materials at the same time. Uniquely, it depicts pretentious visual so the rooms are highly sophisticated. In order to get the stunning visual in your room decoration, you could create it in your house. Both small room and expansive room areas are pretentious to style with this kind of fireplace glass rock design idea. Not to mention, many […]

fireplace blower grate

The Importance of Fireplace Grate and the Way to Find It

Fireplace grate is the important part of the fireplace design. People always need the perfect grate to keep the right function of their fireplace. Without the perfect grate used, the composition of the fireplace cannot serve perfectly people’s desire. So, choosing the special type of the grate for fireplace must be thought carefully based on that reason. The type of the grate itself can be chosen based on some aspects […]

antique fireplace mantels

Stylish DIY Fireplace Mantel to Inspire

DIY fireplace mantel comes to inspire you with its stunning mantel decorations. Created in several design ideas, you can choose one of them to captivate your home interior by opting for the modern style, traditional, or country style. They all have interesting accents that can sophisticate your home living perfectly. Interestingly, it is available for small and large DIY fireplace mantel designs that you have not to worry about yours. […]

modern contemporary electric fireplace

Decorating Inspirations for Modern Electric Fireplace

Modern electric fireplace can become highly artful if you can mix it with unconventional accessories. The accessories you can use to beautify the modern electric fireplace design are cozy ornaments, natural touches, or pop accessories. The decorative accents you put to the fireplace can enrich the fireplace look so it depicts alluring sensation to the room space where the fireplace belongs to. Additionally, you could perfect the modern design idea […]

contemporary electric fireplace media center

Adorning Electric Fireplace Media Center with Exquisite Console

Electric fireplace media center makes the room décor totally stunning. Then, it will become more modern if the electric fireplace media center design is complemented with some elements enhancing the decorating idea. Beside is placing the modern television as the main modern media of the room, it can be fashioned with the complements such as furniture items, alluring features and interesting accessories. More than that, it can be functioned for […]

diy outdoor fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace Plans for Fabulous Backyard Decoration

Outdoor fireplace plans should be measured correctly so we can get the appropriate fireplace that is matching to the room dimension and style. The very first outdoor fireplace plan idea we should consider correctly is the fireplace location. If it is a backyard you choose as the right spot to create fireplace, which one is the greatest one? It can be in the deck or patio. Importantly, make the fireplace […]